Saturday, October 3, 2009


The following was not written by me, but these could of very well been my words....very powerful!

You told me you loved me

I thought you were true

But how can that be

When my body's black and blue

You were drunk and you're sorry

That's all you can say

But now I beat myself up

For not leaving you that day

One would think having my head

Continuously banded against the floor

Would have knocked some sense into me

And I’d have walked out the door

But I didn’t and forgave you

Because of my childhood curse

I hoped and prayed things would change

But they only got worse

You threw me against the wall

And I fell to the floor

Pierced your teeth into my flesh

Then called me a whore

With both your hands around my neck

I gasped frantically for air

Choking on my tears

As you ripped out my hair

My entire body started shaking

While you slammed my head against the ground

All I could hear was my heart breaking

And I’ll never forget that sound

As you lifted yourself off of me

The room began to spin

You kicked me as you left the room

Shut the door and locked me in

I laid there in shock

So confused and afraid

Grazing my fingers across the marks

A man who loved me made

My legs trembled with fear

As I tried to stand

I picked up my torn clothes

With my unsteady hand

I yanked on the door knob

To free myself and leave

As you apologized and proclaimed your love

Expecting me to believe

But there was no way I could

After all you’ve done

A man who raises his hand to me

Could never be the one

I looked at you and realized

I can’t have you in my life

Overwhelmed with devastation

As you reached for a knife

Terrified I cried and screamed

And begged you to desist

Rushing to your side

As you snapped and slit your wrist

Your blood soaked through me

As I prayed to God you’d be ok

I raced with you to the hospital

Thinking of you the entire way

Your wounds were bandaged

Yet mine still remain

Because I didn’t leave you

I must be insane

You became a different person

So cruel and rough

Even if you never do it again

Once is more than enough

You broke more than my heart

What you did was a crime

I finally found the strength to leave you

And it’s about damn time

I will never forget

What you did to me that night

Next time you slit your wrist

Make sure you do it right

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